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Time: 2018-11-05

Every piece of clothing has its own way of matching

From getting up to work, from home to the supermarket, from tea to potluck, we all have to face the same age-old dilemma: what to wear today...

Combined with today's makeup + hair + accessories + mood +everthing, what should I wear? How to match better? Check out our winter 2018 street photos to get you covered in no time

>>>> 100% wool soft strength

Andorra wine red, combined with 100% wool, soft yet powerful. New silhouette cutting, simple and exquisite lapel style, smooth and natural lines, delicate and elegant

>>>> Red lace is gentle and sexy

The design of the velvet bandage at the neckline and the cuff of the sleeve shows that the fabric has a strong three-dimensional sense and rich texture. With a strong artistic atmosphere, it gives people a fashion sense of high-end quality, highlighting the delicacy and taste of women

>>>> Chinese red with joy

100% Australian superfine imported wool, the feeling is delicate, light and warm, the ready-made clothes are wide and stylish, with bright red tones and bright colors, giving people a pleasant and energetic feeling. Short double-breasted double-breasted garment is designed to look young and energetic

>>>> Simple silhouette is exquisite and elegant

100% wool fabric, delicate, light and warm, elegant lapels reflect the urban women's ability and atmosphere. Delicate button adornment, concise and agile clipping reveals fashionable style

>>>> Andorra is a wine that is discreet but not ostentatious

The lace fabric, the neckline lace design of the elegant temperament, added the noble and gentle temperament, is the necessary wardrobe, A shape outline design, hang down has the model, elegant has the temperament

>>>> Hand stereoscopic embroidery is agile and elegant

It is 100% wool. The hand-made three-dimensional embroidery on the left shoulder echoes the three-dimensional embroidery on the lower hem. It is simple and clean, making the coat more delicate and elegant

>>>> Chinese red is simple and generous

10 percent alpaca wool +90 percent wool, simple design, loose silhouette, fashionable large lapel, and simple modeling complement each other, metal double-breasted more improve the overall quality of clothing

>>>> Embroidery down unique style

90% down, high-density worsted soft cotton fabric, decoration on both sides of pockets, three-dimensional embroidery, more reflect the unique style, the upper body gives people a retro beauty, intellectual and elegant

>>>> Sully wool shows quality

Superior material su li wool, simple H profile design, pure natural tone, simple style generous, very soft and friendly feeling, comfortable and unrestrained

>>>> Embroidered coat lady temperament

100% wool, exquisite pattern design, feeling plump, comfortable to wear, embroidery makes the coat more delicate and elegant, showing elegance, maturity, nobility and intellectual temperament after wearing

>>>> Classic coats are elegant

100% wool, classic style overcoat, version slim, slender, elegant lapel reflect urban women's ability and atmosphere, delicate decoration button, let classic overcoat add a style of fashion

>>>> The black coat is simple and elegant

100% wool, match fox wool, make whole clothes gorgeous fashion with a little nifty, concise outline, sheep shearing fabric collocation makes whole clothes simple simple but elegant atmosphere

>>>> Gradient lattice full shape

High-density post-processing anti-wrinkle fabric, small standing-collar design, two-tone color contrast, gradual rhombic pattern, full and sleek, can be a good face shape, elongated neck

>>>> The contrast color Mosaic British flavor

100% Australian superfine imported wool, color matching of cuff and pocket, breaks the monotonous sense of conventional monochrome and enriches the visual sense. The color matching is advanced and has a kind of British flavor

>>>> Large lapels are comfortable and warm

The high density worsted cotton fabric, the lapel design of the collar stand, the shape of the face, elongate the neck, the clothes body atmospheric line design, give us a three-dimensional sense, the upper body more elegant lift the temperament

>>>> Soft lines show taste

100% Australian superfine imported wool, delicate feel, light and warm, classic cuff button-down design, soft lines, a-shape outline design, you can modify the body shape, back drape design, and age reduction effect

>>>> Fashionable embroidery down elegant and intellectual

High density worsted soft cotton fabric, bright color, thin fabric, soft hand, with high strength and elastic recovery ability, anti-wool effect good, and dirty, wash, firm durability, wrinkle free hot, upper body to give people a retro beauty

How to choose the right coat

√If the overall body proportion is very slim, then any kind of coat can be used, slender body style shows the figure, loose style is more temperament

√If the upper body is plump and the lower body is slim, choose a loose coat to expose the leg line. For a slim coat, choose a simple design for the upper body

√If the upper body is thinner and the lower body is plump, then the choice of coat should give the lower body enough space, the upper body close-fitting style is better


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