Gao shijie’s new winter product, the fourth wave | calmly deduces advanced and elegant
Time: 2018-10-26


Life likesummer flowers,Temperament women add a vitality

Opera Turandot is the representative work of Italy’s outstanding opera master Puccini. The plot of Turandot Mystery is the collision of Chinese and Western cultures and the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures and musical elements. The group’s products follow the music and drama logic of the play itself to find a solution to the mystery.

Maple pulp is red in pearl pink, matched with sheep shearing, albaka and 100 % wool fabric, more like a light in the dark, and life is full of grace.

This series of fashion classic group uses the temperament of maple leaf orange and grey pink to blend into the design, using high-quality wool coat fabric, simple profile matching, delicate feeling showing atmosphere without losing beauty.

Advanced Albaka Custom Fabrics

Simple profile, exquisite suit collar design

Create an elegant retro style

Not only is the “ retro” style prevalent

The most important thing is to reduce the age, fashionable and advanced

( Coat / 194447220 - 21 )

Advanced Albaka Custom Fabrics

The fabric is smooth, waxy and silky

Mink hair embellishes the neckline and cuffs

Make clothing high-end atmosphere fashionable

The original heart is full of change

( Coat / 194447223 - 21 )

800 - 820 grams of high-quality wool double-faced fabric

Moderate thickness, soft and waxy feel with bones and muscles

Design of large counter collar with falling shoulder

Bring a comfortable wearing experience to the shoulders, and the large collar design can further embellish the bloated shoulders.

Contrast Ribbon sleeve tab

Increase the sense of hierarchy and break the tedium

( Coat / 1944447085 - 45 )

High density worsted soft cotton fabric

The fabric is light and thin and soft to the touch

Decoration of two side pockets

It also reflects the unique style

The upper body gives a kind of retro beauty, elegant and intellectual

Three - dimensional embroidery

Dressing, traveling and leisure are optional

( Long Down / 1944449083 - 61 )

( Short Down / 19449023 - 61 )

Selection of high quality alpaca wool

Hollow fiber structure, friction resistance and good vertical feeling

Able, handsome and casual, showing women's self-confidence and charm

Simple atmosphere, relaxed leisure, while highlighting a unique fashion temperament

( coat black button / 1944447086 - 42 )

( coat silver buckle / 1944447216 - 42 )

GVSSJEE ( Gao Shijie ) 2018 Winter

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Invite you to open a romantic and elegant winter love song in a beautiful space

\ winter clothes go on sale \ vol. 4

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