Gao shijie’s new winter product, the third wave, has the feeling of brushing his feet so that he can wear it in a “style”
Time: 2018-10-19

" If the pleated skirt is Scotland's joy and glory

The pattern on it is the light of joy and the fire of glory. "

- Scottish writer Neil Munro

GVSSJEE Gao Shijie, who prefers “ style” to “ style” and does not follow the usual path, has an external aura, balance, and internal strength, which is the best state in the workplace. This season, follow GVSSJEE Gao Shijie to turn on the time machine and go through the past with the power of PICK's classic grid pattern.

The origin of plaid can be traced back to Scotland in the 18th century. The six basic color stripes criss-cross to create ever-changing styles, inheriting the joy and honor of different families.

A new series of gvsjee lattice patterns by Gao shijie

Inspired by the traditional Scottish plaid

The use of hale and hearty profile, stitching, webbing and other elements to enrich the shape

To create a modern visual feast full of elegance

A well-cut and elegant check coat is the best choice for matching in winter. The coat with the spirit of restoring ancient ways and lasting appeal can wear a fashionable feminine style whether it is worn on the shoulder or in a dress.

Lattice is an element that will be popular again every winter. It comes with retro charm and interesting geometric patterns that look simple but not lacking in design sense. It is a combination of minimalism and fashion, and it is very nice to match plain items.

Plaid and solid colors have completely different tastes, by contrast, they are more varied in plain reality. Such differences are easy to control in wearing. They are matched with casual items such as jeans and knitwear, especially in line with the current trend and can be elegant and delicate.

The sense of smell of fashion changes makes us feel that this winter in the gap between solid colors of fashion, the trend of plaid is quietly returning, which is a kind of retro taste, and it will bring us back to touch the nostalgia complex of a certain past atmosphere in our tired dress mood. From this winter to the autumn and winter of 19, another peak of lattice agitation will be ushered in.

We have captured many fashionable moments of small plaids at the recent fashion week. These small plaids between solid colors and traditional large plaids are restrained and unobtrusive, and also show the unique refinement of plaids, which is the most inclusive fashion direction in plaid fashion.

The large plaid is the most sensitive to the fear of wearing and wearing, and it is defined as a kind of fashion that is fat. However, the large plaid is the most representative of nostalgia. In the new dress, if it is matched with daily denim and other items, plus exquisite comfortable shoes, it can make people feel the classic taste from the old days.

A large area of solid color with checkered pattern also has delicate flavor in the quiet and elegant temperament. Wearing it properly can overturn the ordinary solid color's mediocre impression. There are not many limitations to wearing it, and it is easy to create a stylish feeling with quality and special style.

If the top fabric of winter coat belongs to Albaca, it will be found that its charm is far beyond our inherent imagination. The fabric lines are thick and thin, elegant and feminine, and adorned with big-name decorative buttons. By making women show their elegant side without losing delicate ornament, this kind of texture fabric and simple design can complete a classic baptism to the peak trend.

100 % wool, advanced, slightly thick, crisp. The matching of sheep shearing fabric makes the whole dress simple, elegant and smooth, showing elegance, maturity, nobility and intellectuality. The contrast color design of the generous fur collar is simple, yet gorgeous and full of changes.

The high-density post-processing wrinkle-removing fabric has fine surface texture, soft hand feel, light weight and air permeability, and strong wrinkle resistance. With stylish letter drawstring webbing, it can freely shrink the waist and create a stylish slim waistline. The fashionable caramel color is combined with gray, which is between red and orange tones. The color is bright but soft, warm and stylish.

GVSSJEE ( Gao Shijie ) 2018 Winter

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